Please specify precisely your project:

-> What (posters, tshirts, bags...)

-> Size (A4, A3, A2, 50X35, 40X60, others ...)

-> Quantity

-> How many colors

-> When you want it to be printed



I only do "art prints", in other words no company brands.

Pay attention to send a project which can be screenprinted (no reproductions of coloured photographies, watercolors, paintings ...).


A4 format -> A3

To give an example:


- A3 poster in 2 colors -> 30 copies: 4€ per poster


 - A2 format -> 40X60

To give an example:


- a large poster in 2 colors in 30 copies -> 8€ per poster

Contact me to explain your project at the end of this page.

 I don't print under 30 copies and more than 100.

I provide all the material needed for printing (frames, ink, etc...), and a 200g white paper. I can print on the paper you want (but in this case at your expense), or you can bring the paper to me.

The price of printing in hand-screen printing may seem higher than digital printing, but the quality is better and you can consider using non-printable digital colors such as gold, silver, fluorescent colors (pink , green, orange ...). I can of course print on colored paper.

The price is given as an indication, it will depend of your artwork.

Contact me to explain your project and for more infos! :)


1 € per color From 30 to 50 copies there is a start-up fee of 15 €

I don't provide supports.


I don't print less than 10 tshirts

10 tshirts: 30 euros

30 tshirts: 45 euros

50 tshirts: 55 euros

60 tshirts: 60 euros

!!! I do not provide the tshirts !!!


I don't have the possibility to print 2 or 3 colors. I don't print caps or skateboards.

I don't print on vinyl canvas (kaway type), or on strange materials (hair type)


Normal patches:

I don't print less than 20 patches

I, of course, print on high quality fabric

20 patches: 1,50€ / patch

30 patches: 1€ / patch

50 patches and more: 0,80€ / patch


I don't print less than 15 backpatches

I, of course, print on high quality fabric

15 - 19 backpatchs:  = 3,80€ / backpatch

20 - 34 backpatchs: = 3,40€ / backpatch

35 - ... = 3€ / backpatch


The cost is 4€ printing per piece (bag included) whether 25, 50 or 100 ... (This is of course 25 times the same pattern)